17 1 / 2011

Livres négocier

On the bluest Monday ever (www.guardian.co.uk/news/blog/2011/jan/17/blue-monday-survivial-tips) I once again got lured away from the grey seascape with a simple "want to pop out for a sandwich?". With £1.10 in my purse, I had just enough for a cupcake.

Little did I realise that being lured out also meant being lured in again to Turner Gain. What started out as a friend’s desire to take a look at the curious charity shop’s abundant button collection ("no dear, it’s 20p per bag of buttons, not per button"), turned out to be a book feast for me.

Persuaded towards the floor to ceiling bookcases that were lurking behind a wall of wool balls, not least because of my love of all things written, but mostly to gravitate away from the waft of budgarigars and old springer spaniel, I passed some time looking through the many Danielle Steel and Mills and Boon novels. *Sigh* *Sigh*

Then, a quick glance to my left - homemade poster declaring ‘All hardbacks 50p, 5 paperbacks for a £1’. My button mad friend would soon be finished choosing - the frantic search began. In a millisecond I was transformed from backseat browser to bargain hunter-on-a-serious-mission. Within another millisecond, my arms were full. With only £1.10 in my purse, I had just enough cash for Old Turner Gain and threw in the extra 10p for the charity.

As you can see, I even managed to scoop Captain Correlli’s Mandolin which I’ve longed to read for an age. And at just 20p it would have been rude to leave it on the shelf.

And so, I now have some booky treats to pass the time on the blue blue Mondays. They may not be as tasty as a cupcake, but they will certainly provide some food for thought.

(Source: turnergain.co.uk)